3-day weight training program

May 18, 2021 Willie Pep 0Comment


This is a fairly basic workout, designed for 3 days a week … There won’t be any crazy exercise variations here. The main goal is to do the required number of repetitions.

A competent approach will achieve amazing results.

Training Schedule

  • Monday – chest, triceps, abs
  • Tuesday – rest
  • Wednesday – back, biceps, trapezius
  • Thursday – rest
  • Friday – legs, shoulders, abs
  • Saturday – rest
  • Sunday – rest

If your schedule does not allow you to stick to the above schedule, just go to the gym on the days you need it conveniently 3 times a week.

The advantage of this schedule is that after each training day there should be at least one rest day.

The main advantage of this approach is that it allows you to achieve your goal in different ways .

Simply put, you have a target number of repetitions that you need to complete in a specific This is the number of sets.

For example, you have 5 sets that require 30 reps. Don’t think of it as 5 sets of 6 reps. Instead, do each set to failure with the target 30 reps in mind.

For example, the exercise might look like this: 12 reps, 10 reps, 6 reps, 2 reps. This way you do 30 reps and fit into 5 sets.

It’s easier to keep track of the entire exercise.

For example: On the first set you did 12 reps, on the second set you start counting at 13 and end at 22, for example, the third set starts at 23 to 28 , fourth from 29 to 30.

1… Press the bar, lying on a horizontal bench, 4-5 sets of 6 reps (hereinafter-4-5×6).

2. Squat with a barbell on the back — 4-5×6.

3 Deadlift of the bar — 4-5×6.

4 Bench press from the chest — 4-5×6.

5. Bent over barbell row – 4-4×6.

6. Press the barbell from behind the head while sitting – 4-5×6.

7 Lowering the bent arms with the barbell behind the head while lying down (“pullover”) – 4-5×6.

8 Bending the arms with the barbell standing — 4-5×6

9 Straightening the legs while sitting on a special device – 4-5 x 6.

10 Bending the legs while lying on a special device – 4-5 x 6 .

11 Row of a barbell with a narrow grip to the chin while standing — 4-5×6

12 Raises of the trunk in a reduced amplitude from a prone position — 4-5×6.

Try to use a weight that would allow you to technically perform 6 repetitions correctly in each set. I say try to use that weight because you won’t always be able to do it. I’ll try to explain why.

Take the bench press as an example. After a good warm-up and one or two sets of light weights, set the barbell to a weight you think you can perform 6 technically correct reps with. Do the first set, and if you are not mistaken in choosing the weight, then you can easily cope with all six repetitions. Then pause for two minutes, being careful not to cool down. After that, do the second set. Repeat this process until you have done 4-5sets. You should always aim for a full set of 6 reps, even if you have to do the last one with some help from your training partner or by doing a lightcheat on the last couple of reps…. Try to do 6 reps on each set, although if you train with maximum weights you can do 6 reps on the first two sets, 5 reps on the third and fourth sets, and 4 reps on the last set Never use this heavy weights so you can’t do at least 4 reps with them. Large weights will stimulate the muscles to increase in volume and strength. This constant pushing yourself within reasonable limits will lead to the kind of muscle gain you are aiming for.

Once the weights are easy for you to overcome, and you find that you are not too tense in the last reps in each approach – immediately increase the weight of the barbell and start the fight with weights again in every last repetition in every approach.

This principle of building up weights must be strictly observed. the last repetition. What’s more, use cheating to put more stress on your muscles, not make it easier!

Study the above carefully: this is the key to rapid muscle growth and increased power.

In the next two chapters, you will learn about a different technique for developing muscle size and strength. By understanding the essence of cycling and adjusting training programs, you will acquire a basis for using my other principles, also set forth below. The idea I want to bring to you is that you understand how important constant progress is to you, so only move on to the strength and muscle building program after you have mastered the initial and split programs. Then you use the principle of instinctive training in combination with other time-tested principles,to create your own individual programs. Step by step you climb the ladder of intensity… You do it risk-free and gradually, in order to become either a champion or reach your limit. Always think about power, power, power!

Using my own recommendations, I asked the massive Hercules Lou Ferrigno to help me “hold out” an extra couple of reps when I trained with him. I enjoy using my forced reps. This is one of my top tricks for reaching maximum muscle mass

How long you have to work on this program depends largely on your genetic type. Some athletes have less difficulty building muscle volume compared to others. If you are gaining weight too quickly, you may need to cut back on fatty, starchy, and fat-gaining foods somewhat. If after this measure you continue to rapidly increase weight, then after a month stop exercising on this system and move on to the program for advanced athletes, which will be discussed in the next chapter.

On the contrary, if you do not achieve quick results that you were counting on, include in the diet more high-calorie drinks and foods and lean on figs,dates and other high-calorie foods between main meals, but not in such quantities to kill your appetite, but only to slightly increase daily calorie intake.

If you are gaining weight at an average pace, then continue to exercise on this system for the full three months. After that, you will gain sufficient experience to use the next program from the next chapter. After a while, you will be able to return to the previous program and build muscle volume and strength again. Any program that lasts more than 2-3 months will make your workouts monotonous, and this greatly reduces the chances of progress..

So after 2-3 months, stop working on this program, take a week break and move on to the next program of the course.

The exercises that you have to do are described at the end of this chapter and the illustrations are on poster 6. I have already told you how to reach the correct weights, how many sets and reps to do.

Your strength and building program is ending. Follow it as indicated and your results will be sensational! Do not forget about the following points:

– exercise 3-4 times a week;

– get enough sleep;

– while working on this program, do not exercise other sports activities;

– if you, while rapidly gaining weight, find signs of loss of relief and become too massive,

work on this course for only two months and reduce the calorie intake;

– If you are gaining weight at a medium or slow pace, work on this program for a full three months. If you are gaining weight extremely slowly, increase your intake of high-calorie foods and drinks. Also allow yourself to have a snack between meals several times a day.