9 factors to consider when drying

May 18, 2021 Willie Pep 0Comment

If you’re doing fitness or bodybuilding, what should be your muscles? Volumetric and embossed. It is these signs that are most often advertised in thematic magazines. And the relief plays a more important role than the volume.

In addition, in bodybuilding competitions, the main emphasis is precisely on these muscle criteria. But I must say right away that the relief and the harmony that is achieved without harm to health are completely different concepts in their essence. The “dry” state that bodybuilders try to maintain before a competition can last for a maximum of several weeks. As for an ordinary person who only occasionally engages in physical activity and training, he will have to forget about all his personal affairs and spend all day taking care of himself in order to achieve this form. Much depends on the sex of the person and his genetic predisposition. Women naturally have less muscle mass and a high fat content, so achieving relief for them is the most difficult task.

Genetic predisposition refers to the body type of a person. From the point of view of increasing mass, ectomorphs have the hardest part. Mesomorphs can develop excellent relief muscles, with the growth of their skeletal muscles, the subcutaneous fat increases, but only slightly. Endomorphs are considered the most disadvantageous type; they have a tendency to build up not only muscle mass, but also fat mass. However, each person is able to achieve a small percentage of body fat, while not causing problems with their health. To do this, you need to approach this issue rationally.

For our readers, we have prepared a list of recommendations that can help in achieving the desired relief. Here are 9 main factors, the observance of which will lead to the loss of a significant part of fat mass without harm to health:

1) Provide good hydration to the body.

This is the most important condition for preparing the body to get rid of fatty deposits. Drink water immediately if you feel thirsty. The average non-exerciser should drink at least 1.5 liters a day. As for us, athletes, our body needs at least 2 liters.

2) Drink energy drinks.

Recent Studies have shown that the use of energy drinks helps to better tolerate any diet, no matter how strange it may sound. It should be understood that we are not talking about ordinary Red Bulls and other drinks with a high caffeine content, but about sports nutrition, which is sold in specialty stores.

3) Take protein or fat-free protein.

To gain relief without losing muscle mass, you need to adjust your diet. All the faster carbohydrates should be eliminated, and fatty protein sources should be replaced with non-fat ones. Lean beef, chicken fillets, and low fat cottage cheese are good examples of these types of foods. Whey protein is one of the best sources of protein, it is not only well absorbed in the body, but also has an average calorie content.

4) The use of sugar substitutes should be minimized.

Many athletes believe that you can remove pure sugar from your diet and use substitutes instead. This judgment is erroneous. Excessive addiction to sweeteners can stunt fat burning. According to scientists, stimulating your appetite with soda drinks is possible even if you are not feeling hungry. That is why it is worth limiting their use. Those who cannot do without sugar altogether are advised to try stevia, a natural substitute that does not contain any calories.

5) Use soy protein.

Soy protein is best for drying. This is the lowest-calorie product among similar, it contains a sufficient amount of protein, and it perfectly saturates the body. The practice of drying with soy protein has long been used by many bodybuilders. But eating it is not a substitute for foods high in protein and low in fat, and should be eaten daily.

6) Drink concentrated protein.

If you cook it yourself, use skim milk instead of full-fat milk. Add less liquids. Such a cocktail can bring you a feeling of complete satiety after a meal.

7) Fish. For complete drying, you should love fish.

This is a low-calorie food, high in protein, contains a minimum of fat. In addition, it supplies the body with essential fatty acids that help to achieve good weight loss results in the shortest possible time. And finally, fish is the source of all the necessary elements for the body to function properly (zinc, iodine, manganese and others).

8) Love for green tea.

It is hardly possible to find this type of tea that would be harmful to our body. But if we are talking about ideas about losing weight, then there is nothing more useful than green tea. Studies show that it has a huge positive effect on the fat burning process. And to increase the effectiveness, take the tea extract, not the natural form. The extract has been proven to be more effective. It should be drunk every day, the daily allowance is approximately 500 mg.

9) Try conjugated linoleic acid.

Leading sports physicians around the world have proven that this acid contributes to the effective loss of fat accumulations and at the same time has a positive effect on muscle fiber hypertrophy. In addition, it has a positive effect on the development of muscle strength. Recent studies have shown that conjugated linoleic acid has an effect aimed at breaking down fat deposits in the abdominal area. It is this zone that is most problematic for most men on this planet, getting rid of body fat in it is a very difficult task.

Following the principles set forth, you will achieve the relief that you have always dreamed of. This will require a lot of effort and patience, the result does not come overnight. But later you will see that it was not in vain that you worked on yourself all this time.