How to do exercises for the trapezius muscles of the back

May 31, 2021 Willie Pep 0Comment

Barbell Row to the Chin

Do 3-5 approaches 8-10 times.

Reverse swings with dumbbells lying on your stomach

Lie on your stomach on an incline bench, take dumbbells, turn your arms with the back side forward. As you exhale, spread the dumbbells to the sides, while simultaneously expanding your hands with your thumbs up. Lower back and repeat.

Do 3-5 sets of 10-12 reps.

IYT lifts

Lie on your stomach on an incline bench, pick up dumbbells. As you exhale, raise your arms over your head with the backs up, and then lower them to their original position.

Now raise your arms up diagonally so that your pose resembles the letter Y, open your palms with your thumbs up. Lower to the starting position.

Then spread your arms out to the sides, thumbs up, so that the body resembles the letter T. Lower to the starting position. It was one set.

Do the same 3-5 times for 4-5 reps.

How to do back extensor exercises

These are the two best Trunk exercises muscle activity during stability ball and free weight exercises; Muscle activation during various hamstring exercises for the extensor muscles of the back work well the entire posterior chain, including the glutes and muscles of the back of the thigh.


Stand over the bar with the bar over the laces of your sneakers. Bring your hips back, bend over with a straight back and grab the bar with a straight grip slightly wider than your shoulders.

As you exhale, straighten at the hip and knee joints, keeping your back straight. Move the barbell close to your shins, practically touching them. Lower it to the floor and repeat.

Do 3-5 sets of 6-8 reps.

GHD hyperextension

This exercise is often used at the start of a workout to warm up and strengthen the back, glutes and hamstrings.

Put your feet under the rollers of the GHD trainer, put your hands behind your head. Lower the body and then return to the starting position. At the top, rise above the parallel of your back with the floor and look forward. Perform smoothly and under control, without swinging or jerking.

Do 3-5 approaches 15-20 times.

Keep going as long as you can. Do 3 sets.