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Protection from diseases

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Such an important disease of carrots as Alternaria, or brown spot of carrot leaves is familiar to almost all producers of this vegetable crop. Alternaria is widespread almost everywhere, where carrots are grown and can cause significant yield losses of up to 30–35% (due to the development of severe damage to the leaf apparatus) and a decrease in the marketability of root crops – up to 50% (due to the development of the root form of the disease). The first signs of the disease in the form of yellow and then dark brown spots on the leaves and petioles, in most cases, begin to appear in early August, and sometimes even earlier – at the end of July. The disease reaches its most intensive development by the end of August, when the roots continue to grow and store nutrients. Leading to the death of the leaf apparatus, Alternaria not only reduces the accumulation of organic matter in the root crop, but also leads to an increase in the loss of root crops when using mechanized harvesting. To date, the only drug registered for the protection of carrots against Alternaria is the fungicide SKOR, EC (a.i.difenoconazole). To maximize the effectiveness of SCOR, CE is best used prophylactically or in the early stages of the development of the disease. Prophylactic use of SKOR, EC allows you to protect carrot plants from primary infection and postpone the appearance of the disease in the field. Spraying with the fungicide SKOR, EC in the early stages of the development of the disease has a therapeutic effect, stopping the development of symptoms and preventing the transmission of Alternaria infection from affected plants to healthy ones. The consumption rate of 0.3–0.5 l / ha is sufficient to ensure crop protection for 10–14 days. After 10-14 days, in the presence of conditions favorable for the development of the disease (high relative humidity, the presence of droplet-liquid moisture on the surface of the leaves, a wide temperature range with an optimum of 20-25 ° C), the treatment with the fungicide SKOR, CE must be repeated.

Recipes for carrot salads

We will use the slogan: fast, tasty and healthy. The main thing here is to understand the principle, and then you can compose a sea of ​​recipes for delicious and healthy dishes.

Salad of raw carrots, beets and radishes with sour cream.

Mix 100 g of coarsely grated raw beets and carrots with 50 g of grated radish. Add 100 g sour cream and a little salt. Stir and eat.

The radish can be replaced with a clove – two garlic.

Raw carrot, cabbage and apple salad.

Add one grated carrot and chopped pre-peeled apple to finely chopped cabbage (about 400 g).

Combine a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil with a teaspoon of vinegar and pour into a vegetable and fruit preparation.

Pepper, salt, mix thoroughly and eat with gusto.

What types of cheese are there?


In this type of cheese, contains a large amount of vitamin A, as well as phosphorus and calcium. Therefore, this type is ideal for people who decide to lose a couple of extra pounds. Also, mozzarella is preferred by vegetarians. Daily consumption of mozzarella helps to increase the body’s immunity, as well as improve blood pressure.

This type of cheese helps to gain muscle mass in the shortest possible time, as it contains a lot of protein, which is easily absorbed in the body. Also, protein is good for the heart, and helps to avoid various cardiovascular diseases.


This type of cheese is rich in vitamins B and C, and also contains sodium, phosphorus and calcium. All these substances are useful not only for the potency of men, but also for the skin, vascular tissues and arteries. Regular consumption of feta cheese helps to increase the potency of men and increase the duration of intimacy. It is also worth noting that feta cheese is very useful for teeth, as it contains a lot of calcium.


Sheep’s milk is used for its preparation. The dairy product contains a large amount of mineral products. In addition to increasing the potency of men, Roquefort helps to eliminate various joint pains, treats diseases of the genitourinary system, as well as diseases of the cardiovascular system. Also, regular use of this product strengthens the bones of a person, and helps him to always stay young.


This type of cheese is high in vitamins A, K and K. It also contains calcium, phosphorus and zinc. Parmesan strengthens human bones, improves metabolism, and helps to avoid various psychological problems such as depression or stress that lead to problems with sex.


The product contains vitamins A , B and E, as well as phosphorus and calcium. This type of cheese is good for the brain. It helps to get rid of psychological problems, thereby increasing the potency of a man.

Cheddar also helps to improve brain function, avoid depression, add energy to the body, and help get rid of anxiety and anxiety before sex. All this helps to comfortably have intercourse.

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The product contains a lot of sulfur, potassium and calcium. All these substances are easily absorbed by the body and help to improve digestion. Ricotta is recommended to eat after physical exertion, as he is able to restore the body’s strength in the shortest possible time. Ricotta is also very good for the liver.

Do all the basic exercises in one day

Do all the basics: squat, bench press, deadlift – in one day.

This is They will not approve of wise pitching in your gym, but then you show them your muscles – and the questions will disappear by themselves.

This method of training brings you maximum muscle volume in the minimum time.

And the most the interesting thing is that this method is just common sense.

If your friend does a squat on Monday, bench press on Wednesday, deadlift on Wednesday, and you do all three exercises on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, who will be stronger and more powerful in the end?

I beg you. Of course you are.

Someone might tell you that “your muscles don’t have time to recover” is bullshit.

The process of protein synthesis (muscle growth) in a person who does not take steroids, lasts 24-48 hours.

That is, 48 ​​hours after training (maximum) your muscles no longer grow.

You need to stimulate every muscle every other day – then you will grow to the maximum.

Do bench, squat and deadlift 3 times a week – and you fucking start to progress.

It won’t be easy, but this is the shortest way to the body of a Spartan .

Unusual types of cheeses

Many unusual cheeses are produced in different parts of the world. For example, in France, goat and sheep milk is used to make cheeses with a very peculiar taste and smell, the surfaces of which are painted in different colors. Cheese heads are made in the form of a bar, cone, cylinder, round cake, heart, etc. The United States also has its own original cheeses – brick, leadercrantz, monterey, etc. Venezuela produces caso d’Autin cheese – a cylinder, the surface of which is coated with a mixture of cow butter, ground coffee, black pepper and spices. In Mexico, they make caso enchilada cheese, the dough of which includes a hot red chili sauce. There are many similar cheeses with other names in Latin America.


The main function of carbohydrates is energy. All muscle work that an athlete performs during dancing is due to the breakdown of glycogen. This connection is reserved in the muscles. During physical exertion, it breaks down and releases the energy needed by the muscles.

Carbohydrates should make up more than half of a dancer’s diet. Sources of important carbohydrates include fresh, brightly colored vegetables and fruits, bran bread, brown rice, peas, oatmeal, buckwheat porridge, fresh fruit juice without sugar, wholemeal pasta, red beans, lentils, dark chocolate.