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Eating Mass

During this effective 12-week training session, you will gain muscle mass and some fat, as well as significantly increase muscle strength.

Build up volumes gradually to get maximum benefit. A much easier option is to lose some fat after training than trying to achieve significant results while in short supply.

If the weight is maintained, here are some simple ways to add a good amount of calories to your diet:

  • Butter
  • Cream cheese

Sour cream

  • Whole milk
  • Cream
  • Cheese combined with any food
  • Protein shakes
  • Peanut oil
  • Olive oil
  • An extra portion of salad dressing

All these products allow you to not only diversify your diet. but also add significant amounts of healthy fats. When you reach your goal, this option is more preferable than going to McDonald’s.

Eating cleanly and correctly, you will feel better, you will have more energy to exercise. Your stomach will tell you, “Thank you!”

The main “focus” of this system is not training, but proper nutrition and recovery.

This recruiting program may be a little over chur, after the end of 12 weeks you should cut back on calories a little. But the strength and muscle gain are definitely worth it.

Eat More

In this training, you will eat 400 more calories than your BMR. That is, if your progress “stalled”, add 400 more calories to your diet and start getting stronger and larger.

Cardio workouts help keep the body from gaining excess fat, but if you are looking for an effective training program for mass, then be prepared for that too.

It’s time to give up some of your favorite foods. Eating right can be challenging enough to gain 400 calories.

Before using a muscle-building workout program, it is worth learning the basic principles without which it will be difficult to achieve impressive results.

Recommended Supplements

As strange as it may sound within the framework of an article on a training program for gaining muscle mass, it’s better to spend money on quality meat than on a package of protein

If you are okay with your nutrition, then the following supplements will definitely benefit you and your muscles.

Pre-workout complexes

Your choice here, but not everyone needs them. The best pre-workout option is any complex without excessive amounts of stimulants.

Whey protein is considered by many athletes to be the best supplement for muscle growth. Since it contains a full set of amino acids and is absorbed quickly enough. The cocktail can be taken immediately after training, as well as in the morning. And if the diet lacks protein, then you can drink one serving between meals. Whey protein is one of the best sports supplements that has been proven to be effective.

Read more about what protein is, what the body needs it for, especially when exercising for muscle growth.

This supplement is composed of the three amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine, it protects muscle fibers from destruction by cortisol. It can be taken before, during, or after your workout. It all depends on what meal was before class and how long ago it was.

A really high-quality supplement for gaining mass and strength. Improves endurance and recovery rate of the body. Great for intense weight training.

Origin of names

When reading English texts, sometimes you come across words written with a capital letter for no apparent reason. The very first example of such a phenomenon is the pronoun I. It is customary to capitalize the English names of months, sometimes school subjects, as well as days of the week. In Russian, such “honors” are not given to these words, the more interesting it is to find out the reason for the occurrence of such a rule in English.

Consider the days of the week in English… All of these names came from the names of the gods or the names of the planets, which were used by the Roman calendar. The capital letter was inherited by the English days of the week from these heavenly inhabitants. Let’s learn more about the origin of the names:

Sunday [‘sʌndɪ] Sunday – translated from English as” sunny day “. We think that everyone will agree with this, since this day is usually a day off, and even if it rains, our mood is usually sunny. In English, it is the weekend that begins the seven-day week.

Example: We will return on Sunday. “We’ll be back on Sunday.

Monday [‘ mʌndɪ] Monday – In Old English, this was translated as “day of the moon”. Continuing in a humorous tone: whether this day in the old days was the first working day after the weekend is a question, but today this name is certainly relevant.

Example: She starts work at 9 on Monday. – It starts at 9 nine on Monday.

Tuesday [‘tju: zdɪ] Tuesday – according to Scandinavian mythology, this day of the week is named after the German god of war named Tiw ( you should know that the ancestors of the English language were the Germanic tribes of the Angles and Saxons, who conquered Britain in the 5th century AD).

Example: I have 6 lessons on Tuesday. – I have 6 lessons on Tuesday.

Wednesday [‘wenzdɪ] Wednesday – named after the god of the Germanic tribes, Odin. The Romans called Wednesday Mercury Day after the patron saint of commerce.

Example: We usually visit our Granny on Wednesdays. – We usually visit grandma on Wednesdays.

Thursday [‘θɜ: zdɪ] Thursday -” day of thunder “- day of thunder. The name has something in common with the Latin origin of the name of this day – “the day of Jupiter”, and, as you know, Jupiter, like Zeus, was called the Thunderer.

Example: This shop is closed on Thursdays. – This store is closed on Thursdays.

Friday [‘fraɪdɪ] Friday – named after the Germanic goddess Frigga, who corresponded to the Latin goddess Venus. Many days of the week were named after the proper names of the gods. Taking part of the names as a basis and adding the word “day”, the ancients got the names of the days of the week.

Example: I will know all the news on Friday. – I’ll get all the news on Friday.

Saturday [‘sætədɪ] Saturday – you probably already guessed that the name of this day comes from the name of the well-known god Saturn.

Example: He’s having a party on Saturday. – He’s having a party on Saturday.