Weight training program

May 18, 2021 Willie Pep 0Comment

A weight training program has only one goal – to build muscle and increase them in volume. Of course, for beginners, this will be much easier, since at the beginning of the path the body has a large reserve for growth. But professionals have to sweat for every new millimeter of muscle. To achieve your goal in a mass set, you need two things:

  1. A well-designed workout program
  2. And a lot of calories for muscle mass gain

Without them you will not see the result, and if it does, it will take much more time and effort. And our task in training is to give all the best. As I said one of the greatest natural bodybuilders Macrobert Stewart: “If you take the time to train, get the most out of it.” This does not mean spending several hours in the gym and doing all the exercises you know. It’s about the effectiveness of the training itself, the selection correct exercises and performing them with the correct technique. But not all people are suitable for mass-set workouts. We are talking about people who are overweight. They need to get rid of excess fat at the beginning of their journey. Therefore, fat burning workouts are more suitable for them. And then they decide for themselves. whether they need muscle mass or not.

Fundamental principles of training

Warm up before a hard workout

Warm up before embarking on a workout routine. It will help to properly warm up the muscles, joints and ligaments, preparing them for work. A light cardio activity, such as a treadmill or exercise bike, is also good. Of course, if you got to the gym on foot or by bike, then consider the cardio workout you have already completed. Do not forget to stretch those muscle groups that you are going to work on. Especially such as elbows, knees and shoulders. All this will help you avoid unnecessary injuries.

Bigger is not better

You don’t have to do a lot of exercises in one workout. Gaining mass involves training for an hour with 5-6 exercises. Consequently, a long workout will only tire the muscles, and instead of growing, they will begin to self-destruct. This phenomenon is called catabolism.

Warm-up sets

Be sure to use 1-2 warm-up sets before the main ones. This will prepare the muscles for work by filling them with blood. nutrients, oxygen and vitamins enter the working muscle. Also, performing such approaches will create a kind of neuromuscular connection and work out the correct technique.

Do many sets of basic exercises

This is the key point in weight training. Instead of the standard 4 sets of 10 reps. For mass work, it is better to use 7-10 sets of 3-5 repetitions. Of these 1-3 warm-ups. This is done so that your muscle has time to properly prepare for the next set. During rest, the muscle is filled with blood and thus warms up well. Also, a small number of times in the approach, we will reduce the amount of lactic acid formation. will affect muscle growth. Since a large abundance of lactic acid is accompanied by muscle weakness and pain, especially in those parts of the body that we affected.

Work to the max

Another important point. In the last two sets, you should pick up such a weight that it is not easy for you. Ideally, get someone to help you get the most out of it.

Correct diet

For many, it is not a secret that to gain weight you need to eat right. For this, a large number of calories, nutrients and vitamins are consumed. Also, do not forget about drinking plenty of fluids. More nutrition can be found in the article “The principles of good nutrition”

Rest between workouts

You should also be aware that muscles do not grow during training, but during rest. the next workout if you have not recovered properly.First, you will not achieve anything except overtraining.And secondly, it can greatly affect the psyche and you just simply don’t want to go to the gym and expose yourself to such stress. this will end your training. But the worst thing is that lack of rest can lead to injury.

These are the must-do points. Muscle growth is impossible without them. Therefore, pay special attention to them. And preferably find yourself a training partner who will share your goals. He will also help you achieve the desired result. If there is no such person, then you can turn to the services of a trainer or people who are engaged in hall. The next step for you will be to break down the body into muscle groups.