Your Lvl1 certification does not make you a qualified CrossFit trainer

May 18, 2021 Willie Pep 0Comment

What is CrossFit

Historical background

The history of CrossFit comes from the USA. Now in Moscow and smaller cities, for example, in such as Pskov or Krasnoyarsk, you can find gyms where crossfit training takes place. The creator of CrossFit, according to Wikipedia, is gymnast Greg Glassman. Together with his wife Lauren Jenay, he registered this trademark and the technique itself in 2000. Glassman conducted his first trainings back in 1995-96. Among the incorrect names of this movement, the user may come across the following: “crockswit”, “crossit”, “krassfit”, “rostfit”, but officially it is known all over the world as CrossFit. Advertising promotes the brand both as a specially designed exercise system and as a competitive sport. The first CrossFit competition was held in 2007.

Street Workout by Reebok

The long-awaited summer has come, which means that you can leave the stuffy gyms and change the location of your workouts.

Every year, Reebok opens free sports grounds equipped for functional training. The Reebok in parks project consists of several sites located in parks of different cities. You can spot it by the red box with the Reebok logo and the crowd of actively exercising people, or find the site on the official website. Trainings are conducted by invited experienced trainers from the CrossFit gyms.

Why is street workout good?

  • First, free admission. By this, the project makes sports as accessible as possible for everyone, popularizing an active lifestyle. Fresh air, maximum space, picturesque location and the opportunity to make new acquaintances – do not allow you to pass by.
  • Secondly, the opportunity to try a new direction for those who are not familiar with CrossFit. Among the trainees, you can find both regular athletes in the halls and those who accidentally saw or heard about the project from friends. Preparation does not matter.
  • Thirdly, to diversify the workouts taking place in the gym, more space and a new landscape. The limitedness of the hall does not always allow realizing the opportunities provided by the venues in the parks. Outdoor training includes more running, more teamwork, and more movement in space. The minimum set of equipment allows you to turn on your imagination and work more with your weight. The athlete must be prepared for anything, so training is not affected by weather conditions.

According to the trainees themselves, in the summer they strive to do more workouts outdoors and each time they wait for the opening of the annual project, since there is more energy in the fresh air and active workouts are of better quality.

If you look into the details, then in the spring-summer period, coaches recommend that you include outdoor sports.

During outdoor training, the process of enriching the body with oxygen starts more intensively. Subsequently, this leads to a faster recovery of the nervous system, optimizes the work of internal organs and coordination, and increases endurance. More active hormones are produced that are responsible for combating stress – serotonin and endorphin.

A change of environment will have a positive effect on the further stay in the hall. Training will not look boring and boring and will not cause overwork. Therefore, it is worth finding a sports field or joining the Reebok in parks project in your city and spend this summer actively, increasing the load and improving your results.

The main sports used for the CrossFit program

CrossFit is high intensity strength training that can be done at home, in the gym or outdoors. Various combinations of exercises can significantly improve the physical condition of the body, i.e. develop versatile athletes from athletes. What is included in the crossfit complex:

  • weightlifting;
  • powerlifting;
  • running;
  • rhythmic gymnastics;
  • plyometrics;
  • kettlebell lifting, etc.

Specially equipped crossfit gyms use equipment from these sports: barbells, rings for gymnastic exercises, jump ropes , expanders, dumbbells, horizontal bars, rowing machines, crossfit rope.

Introductory course structure

  • 3 gymnastics sessions
  • 3 weighted sessions
  • 2 sessions of a mixed structure (cardio + gymnastics and work with weights)

We will move from simple to difficult, gradually increasing the intensity of the session.

The Crossfit Introductory Course has already produced several groups of beginners who can now successfully train in general Crossfit groups and attend areas such as Weightlifting and Cf Gymnastics. Classes will be held under the guidance of certified Crossfit trainers.

What crossfit exercises can be?

Without iron, an athlete will not be able to conduct complex training. This type of activity requires a minimum of equipment (at least a few dumbbells), a horizontal bar, a sandbag to perform strength tasks. The following exercises can be used as examples:

  • Burpee. You need to sit down, pull your legs to your chest and put your hands on the floor. After that, the legs must be sharply thrown back, taking the position of an emphasis lying. After that, the crossfit takes the starting position and makes a jump up as high as possible.
  • Fast pull-ups on the horizontal bar. They must be done in jerks, while in one circle there should be 15 repetitions of the exercise.
  • Explosive squats and push-ups. These squats differ from the usual ones in that you need to bounce up as much as possible during their execution. Approaches are done in 15 repetitions. With explosive push-ups, the palms are lifted off the floor.

There are a variety of CrossFit workouts to get the desired results. And the plan should be developed by an experienced instructor who will take into account the individual characteristics of the body and determine how many approaches can be performed, which is especially important for beginners. In addition, you need to eat balanced every day.

Weekly workout plan at home

If you want to exercise at home on your own, below is a table of exercises that you need to do every day of the week , which will allow you to get to know CrossFit better. Feel free to make changes to these complexes, if any CrossFit workout program for beginners seems unnecessarily boring to you, get creative. CrossFit athletes pride themselves on being able to continually invent new exercises and WODs. Just assess your capabilities correctly and train according to your preferences and strengths.

Don’t be discouraged if you cannot complete all the movements or the required number of repetitions. Remember that it may take a while for the body to get used to this kind of stress, because your ultimate goal is to change.