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10 best foods for vegetarian athletes

May 18, 2021 Willie Pep 0Comment

… those who care about eagle eyesight. By the way, we remember the benefits of carrots for sight thanks to the British pilots of the Second World War, who hid no less miraculous military equipment behind its miraculous properties.

The useful properties of carrots are easily attached to any side of the human body’s life. And many, getting to know them on their own, do not get tired of admiring, sometimes bringing the matter to small family misunderstandings, because not every household member favorably perceives heaps of carrots in the refrigerator: both in trays for vegetables, and on shelves for pots, and in compartments for eggs and bottles (a juicer requires a lot of vegetables).

Let’s not waste time, I suggest you immediately start dealing with a valuable root vegetable. We will learn:

  • about its composition;
  • about the beneficial properties of carrots for weight loss, sports, vision and health in general;
  • in what form is better: raw, boiled or in the form of juice;
  • why grated carrots with sour cream or vegetable oil is recommended;
  • a couple of carrot recipes;
  • about the dangers, including allergies to carrots.

The composition of carrots

Wikipedia, characterizing its chemical properties, first of all mentions carotenoids – organic pigments that “work” as antioxidants in our body (in detail what antioxidants are and where they come from, find out here).

Carotenoids are represented by water-insoluble carotene, phytoene, phytofluene and lycopene, which give the vegetable such a recognizable color.

Of the vitamins there are representatives of group B, as well as vitamins D, C, pantothenic acid, PP, E, K and many others .

Remember any mineral, and it will definitely be in the carrot (potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, cobalt, zinc, iodine, copper, nickel, chromium, fluorine and a whole series).

It would be wrong not to recall the plant polyphenols present in it, represented by flavonoids and anthocyanidins.

And offhand it is clear that such a simple and simple carrot is the most complex system that we can use for ourselves at least every day for the good.

The benefits of carrots

The above composition is not m You might not give me an idea: the useful properties of carrots border on medicinal ones. Truly: eat and heal!

Improving vision

Despite the lack of confirmation of the British legend about improving visual acuity when eating a vegetable, it contains vitamin A (beta-carotene) is necessary for the formation and strengthening the visual organs.

Lack of beta-carotene can lead to vision problems, including night blindness – a disease in which a person sees poorly in low light.

At the same time, you just eat carrots means translating a cool product. To get the vitamin A benefits, you need to season it with either vegetable oil, sour cream, or some other fatty food, because beta carotene dissolves in fat.

Overall health benefits of carrots

1) An active participant in redox processes. When consumed, it contributes to the metabolism, improving and accelerating its course. As we know, a good metabolism is synonymous with health (learn three important rules to speed up the metabolism here).

2) It is indispensable for vitamin deficiency. That is why it is necessary to “lean on” “In the cold season, when there is a lack of stored vegetables and fruits for a short time (what to do in case of vitamin deficiency symptoms).

3) Has noticeable antioxidant properties that binds free radicals and fights against such their influence as oncological diseases, vascular diseases, disorders of the nervous system and brain, various inflammations, immune disorders, aging.

4) Regulates carbohydrate metabolism. Due to this property, doctors recommend diabetics not to forget about the root vegetable.

5) It has a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels , including the brain. The effect is achieved due to the property of lowering blood cholesterol levels, as well as strengthening blood vessels.

It is believed that lovers of a hot orange vegetable reduce the risk of stroke by almost half.

Helps with hypertension. , varicose veins and other problems with veins and blood vessels.

It has been proven that even low concentrations of phytoene and phytofluene, present in carrots, potently counteract the development of atherosclerosis.

6) Used for the prevention and treatment of cancer. Eating a medium-sized root vegetable daily is enough to get a dose of vitamin A that can reduce the risk of cancer by 40%.

7) Improves kidney and liver health , promoting their renewal, a certain urinary and choleretic effect.

8) Normalizes digestion due to improved carbohydrate metabolism and “climate” for beneficial intestinal microflora; a large amount of fiber, cleansing the gastrointestinal tract from “congestion” and the accumulation of so-called toxins and toxins.

9) Regulates mineral metabolism , therefore it is recommended for the treatment of osteochondrosis, metabolic polyarthritis and other diseases (find out what to do when your back hurts here).

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10) Has a rejuvenating effect both inside and outside, restoring the epithelium of the skin and mucous membranes, as well as smoothing wrinkles. And not only when eaten. Self-caring ladies use carrot masks with might and main.

11) Useful for :

  • anemia, characterized by a decrease in hemoglobin levels in the blood;
  • high mental stress;
  • increased fatigue.

Carrots and weight loss

The benefits of carrots for weight loss are undeniable (about ways to effectively lose weight) … It is for this purpose that many, along with cabbage, include it in their menu in order to quickly lose several kilograms of excess weight.

More about this:

1) Tartronic acid, contained in the root vegetable, resists the conversion of carbohydrates entering the body into fat.

2) A large amount of indigestible fiber gives a feeling of satiety and at the same time does not carries no energy load.

3) Calorie content: only 32 kcal per 100 g. Considering that a person needs 2 – 3 thousand kcal per day, gaining them only for account of carrots, you would need to eat about 10 kg of vegetables per day. Unrealistic and dietary!

Carrots and fitness

Carefully looking at the above mentioned health properties, you can see its applicability as an additive to the menu of people leading an active lifestyle and playing sports.

Let’s highlight a bit why athletes love it:

  • activates metabolism;
  • helps to recover faster between workouts;
  • stimulates cell growth;
  • can be used as a vitamin complex;
  • improves blood flow to muscles;
  • helps to increase endurance and increase the duration and intensity of training.

Eating carrots

Champion in healthy use certainly a raw look. At the same time, boiled carrots and passed through a juicer have qualities that are beneficial to us.

According to scientists from the University of Arkansas, boiled carrots contain a third more antioxidants than fresh ones. And their number continues to grow for a week after preparation.

Carrot juice is used to fight cancer, stomach ulcers, infections of the ears, throat, nose and eyes.

Compared to freshly boiled the vegetable becomes even less high-calorie (25 versus 32 kcal). Similarly, with carrot juice – 28 kcal.

In order for fat-soluble substances, especially beta-carotene, to be well absorbed, it is better to combine carrots in any form with fatty foods.