Exercises for chest, waist, buttocks, legs

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The only exercise for arms and chest in the entire Greer complex. You need to sit on your heels on the mat, bending your knees, and squeeze your hands in front of your chest, spreading your elbows to the sides. It is necessary to squeeze “finger to finger”, forming a semblance of a diamond in front of you. You need to push hard, all 8 accounts. Retries – 5.

Pulling the leg back

The exercise is familiar to everyone from school, but here you need to do it statically. We get on all fours, take a straight leg back, shorten the gluteal muscles, raise the leg up and stand. You need to feel a burning sensation in the muscle and perform a static pose 3 times on each side.

Exercise for the abdomen

Side stretch

Stand up straight, step with your right foot into a side lunge, turn your toe to the side, bend your knee, take your thigh so that it falls parallel to the floor, lean on it with your hand, and raise your opposite hand across the side, leaning towards thigh. The other leg remains straight. Stretch 3 times on each side.

Abdominal Press

This is a normal straight twist in static. From a prone position, a breath is held, the abdomen contracts and holds on for 8 counts. The goal is to simultaneously suck in your stomach and contract your abs.


From a supine position while holding the breath, ordinary swing-scissors with the legs are performed. The lower back is pressed to the floor, if the lordosis is too large, hands are placed under the buttocks.

Thigh Exercises


You need to sit on your buttocks, spread your straight legs to the sides and bend between them, performing the usual stretching of the inner thigh while holding your breath.


We get on all fours, take the bent leg to the side. As cnceived by Greer, this is how you can burn “breeches”, fat on the lateral surface of the thigh. In fact, a very small muscle is working here, which abducts the thigh, and partially the buttocks.


This is a sitting stretch: one leg is bent at the knee and placed on the heel at knee level with the other, the opposite hand rests on the knee, the body turns from the raised leg.

All hip exercises are done for 3 reps on each side.

Who is this gymnastics for?

Bodyflex, as a way to lose weight for the whole body, has experienced ups and downs. Now he has come to Instagram. Gymnastics is designed for young mothers who have recovered during pregnancy – there is no time for full-fledged workouts, and so is the skill to practice. There is a lot of movement during the day, but the stomach after childbirth still does not look very good, and it is not possible to lose weight.

What is special about body flex for overweight beginners? I believe in myself and the first results with simple gymnastics. It is not suitable for athletic girls. Although the instructor Katya Buida says that she lost weight like that once, but gave up, they say, the metabolism was so accelerated that nothing remained of Katya.

Bodyflex gymnastics is not designed for those who have good physical fitness. Both Marina Korpan and Greer Childers speak directly about this. Marina teaches her kind of gymnastics, diluting the exercises discussed above with movements from callanetics and Pilates.

Is it possible to lose weight by 6 sizes with the help of body flex? Yes, if a person is in a calorie deficit and eats rationally. By the way, Greer offers her followers a diet of 1200-1600 kcal in a typical American style. Burritos are also there, only in a low-calorie pita without yeast and with chicken breast instead of fried beef.

However, it should be borne in mind that much more effective (in terms of an alternative to body flex, and not diet) would be a trip to a fitness club, where you should combine strength and aerobic training .


Gymnastics should not be done:

  • With diastasis of the rectus abdominis muscle.
  • Immediately after birth – before 6 weeks after vaginal delivery and 12 weeks after cesarean.
  • During pregnancy.
  • If you have epilepsy and cardiovascular disease.
  • Hypertensive patients during exacerbation of the disease.
  • If there is a risk of retinal detachment.

Important about gymnastics

Bodyflex forced many to somehow take care of themselves. It was he who opened “nauli” to women, that is, the yogic vacuum, and the opportunities that open up if you know how to properly draw in your belly. He saved a lot of people from the aerobics craze. Now girls massively migrated to gyms, but only 5-6 years ago they went to 2-3 aerobic classes a day and hardly ate if they wanted to lose weight. Eating disorders, ligament and joint injuries were earned from such “useful” activities.

At the same time, gymnastics doesn’t work the way Greer says . What does this change for body flex lovers? Nothing, they continue to study. This workout is not a local fat loss exercise. Women who begin to exercise themselves lose weight only if they switch on a diet and are able to stick to it long enough to see results.

Bodyflex is not able to build round buttocks, will not make the waist thin, if it is naturally wide, and will not help improve posture. This gymnastics is a minimum of movement for those who do not want to exercise at all and who are satisfied with just a little weight loss as a result.

Exercise should be done every morning on an empty stomach. Korpan recommends not eating for an hour afterward to “improve fat burning.” This will only work if the overall daily calorie deficit is maintained.

Bodyflex is an introduction to weight loss with exercise, not a replacement for traditional cardio and strength training. You will still have to come to them if progress stops and the girl wants to improve her figure.